Semester Ends

“Education is a privilege. Make an effort to treat it like one.”

The relief that you feel at the end of finals doesn’t hit me right away. Walking out of my last exam, I still feel the stress hanging over my head and the weight on my shoulders. Did I do well?  What if I had picked (a) on question 4 instead of (c)?  I should’ve done better.

The relief of the semester’s end hits me the next morning: the first morning I wake up without assignments, exams, or classes. That was this morning. I woke up without worrying about an alarm. I had a sleep free of nightmares, forgetting to bring a pencil to my exam or turning in a blank essay.

As I reflect back on the semester, I’m proud of myself. Being able to plan ahead and prepare myself for assignments, I was able to keep up with everything and truly have a positive learning experience. And isn’t that what college is all about?  It’s not about the 4.0 or the perfect score on your final. College is a gradual learning experience; you should walk away from your university with life experience, preparing you for the real world and real-life responsibilities.

I am fortunate enough to attend an incredible university that gives me all of those things. I’m thankful every single day. The stress of classes, assignments, papers, and finals will forever be worth it in achieving my dreams and fulfilling my education.

For those still taking finals, study your butts off and keep at it. You will achieve great things.

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