Saying Yes

“You can do it. Just push yourself, and just say yes.”

Depending on the situation, I can be a shy person. Throughout the years, I’ve conditioned myself to do more things and reach out and take opportunities that come by. “Just say yes,” as Zoë Sugg says.

Throughout my trip for spring break, I tried to say yes to things. As we were sitting in an aquarium, watching a sea lion and dolphin show, the trainer asked if an adult wanted to volunteer. My entire family sat with their hands down, but I decided to raise my hand and take a chance.

I was chosen as the volunteer.

A YouTuber named Zoë Sugg posted a video a few years ago titled, “Just Say Yes.” After seeing that video, I began trying to live my life by taking advantage of opportunities and saying yes to things that scare me. Opportunities often disguise themselves as fearful situations, but pushing past that fear and embracing those opportunities helps you reach out and change the way you are living your life. In the past, because no one else in my family volunteered, I would have been uncomfortable and shy raising mine for fear of being the odd one out. No one judged me. No one looked at me differently. In fact, they thought my interaction with the sea lion was a wonderful thing.

Because I took that opportunity to raise my hand and take that chance, I was able to interact with a sea lion, perform tricks with him, and have a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and connect with an extraordinary animal.


IMG_8622 copy

The smallest opportunities can turn into incredible gifts in the blink of an eye. Saying yes to small things can lead to great rewards. Agreeing when someone suggests a walk on the beach or going out to brunch will give you lifetime experiences that you will not want to trade for anything.

Being open and willing to embrace chances and possibilities will open you up to an entirely new way of experiencing life. You may even get to pet a sea lion.

If you are interested in watching Zoë’s video:

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