I have had quite the hair experience over the last few months.

After having solid brown hair for a significant amount of time, I decided that it was time for a change. I didn’t want to deal with the upkeep of roots again, so I thought ombré was the perfect choice. I’d found a hair salon near my school that I loved. She cut my hair so well and I always loved the way it looked when I left, so I thought, why not let her color it?

Big mistake.

I went in and got my ombré done as expected; she curled it and I left. Little did I realize that curling my hair hid the hideous and sharp line between brunette and blonde in my hair. Two days later, I called the hair salon and asked to come in to have it blended. By this point, I had straightened my hair and seen the mess. They agreed, so I came in and had it “blended” for no further charge.

I left upset, angry, and frustrated. My hair didn’t look any different than when I had left the first time. The thing that frustrated me the most was that all of the hair stylists in the salon kept coming up to me and telling me how amazing it looked. I don’t know if that was their genuine opinion and they were just out of their minds or if they were trying to console me and prevent me from throwing a fit. Either way, I was unhappy.

I spent a significant amount of time just curling my hair to hide the line or braiding it. This was frustrating for me because I love to wear my hair straight. It’s easier, it takes less time, and I think it looks better on me.

In the meantime, my mom showed her hair stylist the photo on the left and she was horrified. They didn’t even understand why the other stylist let me leave the salon like that in the first place, let alone the second time around. After hearing this, I made an appointment with her stylist to get it fixed.

When I went in, I was firm. I told her that I couldn’t afford to have it fixed again after this, so if it wasn’t right, I wanted her to dye it brown. She agreed and said there would be absolutely no charge if I decided that I wanted it brown after she was finished. She had a large job ahead of her.

The photo on the right is the after photo from the second salon.  I was so unbelievably happy. It was blended and looked so much better. No, it’s not perfect. Yes, you can still tell there is a line. But this was after only one trip to the second salon.

The stylist hand-painted almost every single section of hair. I was ecstatic. She pointed out to me the places that didn’t blend as well once sh was finished and told me that she could fix them next time if I wanted. Then, to make things even better, she said that if I was still unhappy, I could book another appointment that week at absolutely no extra charge.

She was going to fix it again for free. And it wasn’t even her mess to clean up. That is how a hair salon is supposed to operate.

The moral of the story: just because a hair salon or stylist is good at cutting hair does not mean they are good at coloring hair. They are two different arts and they need to be treated as such.

Moral number two? Throw the fit. It’ll save you $200.


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    you are right.

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