“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

As January rolls around, it’s a new start for everyone. It’s a specific date on which every single person can decide to create a fresh start (sometimes forgetting that each and every moment can be a fresh start). In addition to the new year, January means a new semester and a clean slate in terms of grades, assignments, tests, and more. This semester brings a lot of change for me. New classes, new jobs, new roommates, new goals. All of these things allow me to create a fresh and improved outlook.

When it comes to classes, a new semester is the perfect way to reinvent yourself. Buckle down and study like you’ve always said you would. A lot of people start off the semester working hard but slowly lose momentum. The story of my academic success is an interesting one; one semester, I decided that I was not going to let assignments and deadlines get the best of me. I was going to improve, learn from my mistakes, and kick that semester, and all the ones after it, in the ass. The fresh start that I was given provided me with the motivation I needed to create positive habits, study and otherwise.

Using the motivation and incentive you have at the beginning of the semester to create lasting habits will be the key to your success. Eventually, you will lose the positive spirit you had at the beginning of the year because you won’t be in a new and fresh semester. You will have hit a few bumps in the road, potentially putting a dent in that perfect 4.0 you so strongly desired. Creating lasting habits that you can maintain throughout even the rough patches of the semester will be crucial to your success.

Use this new semester to create realistic and maintainable goals for yourself. Create realistic, positive habits that will transcend throughout the semester and help you achieve your long-term goals. Once you have created those habits, positive learning and productivity will become second-nature to you.

What are your goals for these upcoming months?

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