March 2017

Another month has passed us by, and while I try to ignore the fact that I am now 30 days closer to graduation (let’s not talk about it yet), I can focus on the fact that this month has brought me a handful of new favorites to share with you! As spring gets into full swing, here are some of my favorites things (that rhyme was completely unintentional).

Mahogany Coconut Candle

This is my current candle obsession. I’m always obsessing over one candle or another, and this month it happens to be the Mahogany Coconut candle from White Barn. My friend, Becky, and I describe this candle as smelling like a man fresh out of the shower. Per Becky’s suggestion, I burned this candle alongside a Vanilla Bean candle and the combination was heavenly. It’s definitely a great fresh scent as spring and summer roll around.

LUSH Cosmetics

After my recent trip to LUSH, I’ve become obsessed.  I have yet to try a product from LUSH I didn’t like. This month, my biggest obsession is over their fresh face masks. My skin was breaking out horribly, so I used the Brazened Honey mask before going to bed. The next morning, all of my breakouts were significantly smaller and less swollen. I was so thankful for the miracle that is LUSH. It hasn’t even been a week since my trip there and I’m already ready to make a second round of purchases.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil | Milk

An essential part of doing my makeup is including some form of highlight on my eyes. Whether than is a white eyeliner, eyeshadow, or something else, it’s essential for brightening up my eyes. My current favorite is the NYX jumbo eye pencil, which functions kind of like a base and an eyeshadow all in one. It has an extremely creamy consistency and completely changes the look. Even when I’m not wearing eyeshadow, I always make sure to apply this to my inner corners and brow bone to brighten up the look.

Image by Cambria Joy

Cambria Joy

Cambria Joy is one of my favorite YouTubers at the moment. I discovered her channel over a year ago, after a collaboration she did with Nikki Phillippi for one of her Tea Talks (which are incredible, by the way). Cambria’s dedication to health and fitness is encouraging, and funny enough, she’s gluten-free like me (I swear I’m not doing this rhyming on purpose)! She has the most beautiful attitude on life, love, and happiness. I am so excited to see her get married this month (congratulations to Cambria and Bo!). Cambria talks a lot about her faith and her relationship with God, and while I don’t have that same relationship, I find her dedication and faith to be completely inspiring. Whether or not you believe in God, or any form of religion, seeing someone with that kind of love and passion for something is breathtaking and beautiful in every way. I am so thankful to have found Cambria’s channel, and I can’t wait to see where life and marriage take her.

Talking as Fast as I Can | Lauren Graham

While graduation is steadily approaching, I’m still an undergrad student, which means up until this point, I’ve had a lot of reading to do for my courses. However, once again, as graduation approaches, that reading is becoming less and less. I had time to fit in a personal read this month, which was Lauren Graham’s new biography, Talking as Fast as I Can. Documenting a lot of her life up until Gilmore Girls, the book really addresses how she came to be who she is and her view on the world as a whole. I was concerned that, as a massive Gilmore Girls addict, I would overlook the parts of the biography that were not about the show. However, I found myself genuinely engaged and interested, laughing and crying as I read the entire thing. The end of the book dives into the project of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, returning to the character of Lorelai Gilmore after ten years. Reading her insights into the process was fascinating and I loved every page.

Image by NBC

Chicago Med

After seeing the #OneChicago special, introducing Chicago Justice, I knew I wanted to keep up with all of the Chicago shows NBC has created over the years. Already an avid fan of Chicago P.D. (Sophia Bush is everything), I knew I’d love the others just as much. My favorite of the moment is Chicago Med. I’ve been interested in medical shows in the past (i.e. House), but Chicago Med stands out amongst them. I find myself far more attached to the recurring characters on the show than any other medical show I’ve seen in the past. The character development is well-done. Chicago Med has me looking forward to Thursday nights (9PM on NBC, just in case you were wondering).

What were some of your favorites this month? Let me know!

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