March 2016

Happy April! I’m so thankful that spring is rolling around. Even though I live in the South, I am ready for the warm, sunny weather. Bring it on! Without further adieu, let’s jump right in: March.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo (Medium Brown) – $23

I’ve always been a fan of using powders to fill in my brows, but the powder that I’ve been using was too warm for my hair color. I went to Sephora and the girl recommended this powder. I was hesitant at first because I don’t like brow powders that you mix together. She explained to me that this duo-power was different: you use the lighter color on the inner half of your brows and the darker color on the outer half. I’m not sure if that’s how other brow duos work, but I was really excited to try it. This matches my hair color perfectly and I’ve never been happier with my brows.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk) – $5

Even if I decide that I’m not going to wear an eyeshadow look on a particular day, I always highlight the inner corners of my eyes with a white shadow. However, I’ve noticed that the highlighting fades throughout the day. I started using this eye pencil all over the inner corners of my eyes, blending it with my finger, and applying my shadow on top of it. It works wonderfully as a base and keeps my eyes bright and highlighted all day.

Hot Water Bottle (Grey)  – $10

I’ve been struggling with stomach pains lately (cause unknown) and this hot water bottle has been my savior. Back pain, muscle pain, monthly cramps, whatever the case may be, this is a life saver. You heat up some water and pour it into the bottle and it keeps it hot for hours. Not to mention the fact that it’s pretty darn adorable.

Next Episode App – Free

As someone who loves to plan ahead, this app makes my life so much easier. We all struggle to remember when our shows are on, especially with hiatuses breaking them up and making them skip weeks without notice. This app lets you choose all of your favorite TV shows and it puts them on a calendar to show you when they are on. You can just click the date that you want to see and it will show you all of your favorite shows that are on that night. It’s perfect for me (and my boyfriend loves it too).

Son’s Gonna Rise by Citizen Cope – $2

For some reason, I’ve been really into this song throughout the month of March. I’ve found that it’s the perfect song for spring and early summer. Just roll down your windows, turn up the volume, and get lost in the music.

What are your favorites for the month of March?

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