Much to my dismay, LUSH Stores are not as easily accessible as many other chain stores in the mall. However, a friend of mine (hi, Becky! Make sure to check out her blog!) lives about an hour away, and there is a LUSH near her. It gave me the perfect excuse to take a trip to see Becky and do some shopping!

As I said in my February Favorites post, I’ve been obsessed with bath bombs lately. As I’ve explored my options, I’ve learned that nothing compares to LUSH bath bombs. So, without further adieu, here are the things I picked up from LUSH:

Twilight | Bath Bomb

When it comes to spa treatments and relaxation, I am a huge fan of lavender. LUSH describes Twilight as a mixture of lavender and tonka. I had never heard of tonka before, but apparently it is a sister-scent to vanilla, which is another one of my favorites for relaxation. All in all, I am really excited to try this one out. Throw in my lavender bubble bath and lavender candle from Bath and Body Works and I’m golden.

Which Came First? Spots | Bath Bomb

With Easter coming up, there’s no way I could go into LUSH without picking up something from their Easter collection. While the Chick ‘N’ Mix bath bomb was adorably tempting, I found the scent of this one to be much more appealing. Infused with grapefruit oil, this is actually three bath bombs in one. You crack open the bath bomb along the seal in the middle (like an egg!) and reveal a little chick inside. Then, you can use each side of the egg and the chick as individual bath bombs (or just throw all three in at once for an insanely colorful bath). Even though it functions as three different bath bombs, it was the same price as one regular bath bomb, which made it a no-brainer.

Butterball | Bath Bomb

While this bath bomb doesn’t look as exciting when you drop it in the bath, I absolutely love Butterball. It is smaller than most of the other bath bombs, but it does so much more. Butterball creates a milky bath with moisturizing cocoa butter and vanilla. I was shocked to notice how soft my skin was after using this bath bomb. It’s petite and less expensive, but just as wonderful as the other bath bombs LUSH has to offer.

Catastrophe Cosmetic | Fresh Face Mask

Another repurchase, I knew I had to pick up Catastrophe Cosmetic while at LUSH. Their fresh face masks have to be refrigerated, so they are not sold online. This makes them far more difficult to get when you don’t have a LUSH store in the area. Made from fresh blueberries, calamine, rose, and chamomile, this mask smells and feels delightful on your skin. I love the cool feeling of using this mask after it’s been sitting in the refrigerator. However, be prepared that the texture is a bit strange; there are chunks of fresh blueberry in it, so it looks a little bizarre at first.

Brazened Honey | Fresh Face Mask

When I don’t have access to LUSH face masks, I usually make my own. I’m a big fan of simplicity and natural ingredients, so using household kitchen items to put together a mask is usually my go-to. I love using honey as the main ingredient in my masks because it is antibacterial and incredibly softening to the skin. So, when I saw LUSH had a fresh face mask with honey as the main ingredient, I knew I had to pick it up. This mask is packed full of fresh ingredients including fresh ginger, sage, rosemary, lime oil, and more. I’m excited to give this one a shot!

American Cream | Hair Conditioner

Last, but certainly not least, I picked up a sample of the American Cream hair conditioner. I’ve tried this before, but it was years ago, so I wanted to pick up another sample before I decided to place an order (their conditioners are on the pricier side). Vanilla-scented (can you tell I like vanilla?), this conditioner can be used in multiple ways. While it is meant to be a traditional conditioner, used in the shower after shampooing, I like to use a smaller amount as a leave-in conditioner after getting out of the shower (or even on dry hair). Becky ran some of this through her dry hair in the store and it immediately softened her hair without making it appear greasy or wet. It was magical and I am really excited to give it another try!

What are some of your favorite things from LUSH?

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