Leap Day

“Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of.”

We always talk about how there aren’t enough hours in the day. We need more seconds in the minute, minutes in the hour, days in the year, years in our lives. Once every four years, we are granted that wish, giving us an extra day at the end of February. Although, I never saw it as the “extra” day we ask for until I saw others posting online about it this afternoon.

Just because there is an extra day on the calendar does not mean we have an extra 24 hours to get things done (although it is sort of fun to feel like we do). While we are granted the privilege of having one more day in the month of February, we are given another day’s worth of tasks and responsibilities. That’s life. Things move forward and demand to be addressed, changing and adapting regardless of what we plan.

No time is guaranteed, regardless of how secure you may feel. Taking advantage of every second of every minute that is given to you is one of the most important things. If you are spending your time doing things that you loathe day after day, step back and ask yourself why you are doing them. If the end goal is not to make you happy and you are just living day to day, maybe it’s time to make some changes. Live happily and live wholly.

Remember to appreciate every day as it is. Don’t depend or wait on extra days or hours to be given to you. If you have an opportunity, go for it. If you have time for something, do it. Life is too short and too unpredictable to wait for the “right time.” There is no right time. There is here and there is now. Don’t waste it. Claim it.

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