Gift Giving

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.”

Presents are exciting at Christmastime. As much as we try to claim that the presents don’t matter, I want to argue that they do.

No, presents aren’t necessary. It’s not about how much money you spend or the number of gifts under the tree. But I find the best part of Christmas, for me, is giving people gifts. Seeing their faces when they open them is priceless to me.

The thought and love that go into a present is the most important thing about gift giving. Even something like a gift card or money can be personal if you know it’s what the person really wants, needs, or if it is toward a place that they love. Making that person you love smile and happy is the most important thing about the gifting process.

This Christmas, I didn’t find myself chomping at the bit to open all of my presents because I didn’t feel like it was about me. It was about seeing the rest of my family happy and seeing their faces opening presents, whether those presents were from me or not. Happiness and love are the true meanings of Christmas. While presents and gifts are often seen as shallow or superficial, I think that when done right, presents and gifts are about happiness and love. A simple gift is more than the physicality behind it, but rather the purpose and meaning behind it.

I want to emphasize that when I say gifts, I don’t necessarily mean physical items. Gifts don’t have to be material things. A gift can be an experience: a spa treatment, a date night, a coupon for a massage, or even just a hug. Once again, it’s about giving them something that puts a smile on their face and the happiness that it brings them.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Christmas is not all about presents, but I think that those presents often give Christmas a bad name. Presents and gifts are not detrimental to the meaning of Christmas, but rather supplemental, as they help support and promote happiness and love being spread from person to person.

Give someone you love the gift of a hug today.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


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