Christmas Dinner

“At the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful experience.”

Our family doesn’t retain a lot of Christmas Eve traditions. We have a few: opening pajamas to wear to sleep, watching some Christmas movies, and picking up Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Most families and traditions have the classic, annual Christmas dinner on the 25th of December. In my family, we do our traditional dinner on Christmas Eve. Early in the day, we drive on down to KFC and pick up our dinner. A bucket of chicken and some sides ought to do it. We do it buffet style: people choose what they want and we all have a sit-down meal with Kentucky Fried Chicken.


It is a fun tradition passed down from my mom’s side of the family. It is surprisingly less expensive than purchasing groceries to cook an entire feast and there are barely any leftovers to deal with. It is a simple tradition that is sentimental and heartwarming. The food itself really isn’t the most important thing; the love and laughs you experience during the meal are what will stick with you the most.

For me, there doesn’t need to be an extravagant tradition of a Christmas feast, attending events, or any of that. Having a small, intimate Christmas with the people I love is one of the best things I could ask for this Christmas, and every Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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