April 2017 Reading List

Inspired by my friend, Sarah (check out her blog!), I decided to compile a short list of the books I want to read this month. Unfortunately, with my academic schedule (last semester senior year; where did the time go?), I don’t have a lot of time for personal reading. However, I can tell my schedule is lighter this month, so I’m planning a bit more of reading for myself. Here are a few of my planned reads:

Born a Crime || Trevor Noah

I’ll admit it: I underestimated Trevor Noah. After watching Jon Stewart on The Daily Show for years, I never thought anyone could fill his shoes. I was immediately bitter, vowing that the next person could never do The Daily Show as well as Jon Stewart. But then I saw Trevor Noah. He is funny, witty, and wicked sharp. I slowly began watching clips as they spread across the Internet, and after watching his interview with the infamous Tomi Lahren, I knew he was something special of his own. I am excited to read his biography, Born a Crime, and learn a bit more about his life. The biography talks about the issues he faced being born in South Africa to a interracial couple during apartheid.

Animal Farm || George Orwell

Ah, yes, a classic. Surprisingly, as an English major, I have yet to read the majority of what is considered to be the “literary canon” (i.e. all those classic books that high school English teachers tell you are essential). I’m slowly attempting to make my way through that list, so Animal Farm is next. I’ve read about half of this book before, but somehow I got distracted and never finished it, so I plan to check it off my list this month.

1984 || George Orwell

Another literary canon piece, also written by George Orwell, is 1984. This is a book that I wanted to pick up because of its relevance to the world we are living in today. While I can’t relate it specifically because I have yet to read it, I have heard incredible things about Orwell and his work, 1984 specifically, so I am eager to dive into all of the social and political metaphors in this one.

What books are you planning to read this month? I’d love to know!

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