Hi, everyone! My name is Meg. Welcome to my blog!

My interests vary, just like everyone else, and many of them will be expressed in one way or another on this blog. I’m a writer, so I like to write things down and express my thoughts on paper, so this functions as my place to do that. I’ve never been one for keeping a consistent physical diary, so my blog is the place where I write down all of the thoughts and ideas that race through my head.

My blog consists more of just my jumbled up thoughts. It will range all of my interests from beauty and baking to anxiety and politics. All of the things that I’m interested in will probably end up on here for your viewing pleasure sooner or later.

Rather than tell you my entire life story, which would bore you immensely, here are some things that I love and some things that I hate:

Things I Love:
Baking, organization, my parents, clean sheets, kindness, feminism, autumn, family, Christmas, animals, silver jewelry, rain, writing, breakfast, lemons, Santa Monica, makeup, a well-made bed, warm towels, shopping, stickers, One Tree Hill, school supplies, traveling, politics, gazebos, playing guitar, avocados, planning, bookstores, giving, lists, mint chocolate chip ice cream, diamonds, Ollie, roller coasters, pop culture references, singing in the car, barbecue chicken pizza, the smell of bonfires, the Oxford comma, North Carolina, photography, YouTube, chocolate chip cookies, strawberries, character development, aesthetics, learning, Gilmore Girls, laughing, candles, Netflix, passion tea, thunder, and wit.

Things I Hate:
Clowns, texting and driving, tardiness, root beer, sexism, being too hot or cold, anxiety, clutter, standardized tests, judgment, sexism, humidity, making my bed, people that don’t hold doors for you, wind, Celiac disease, bigotry, peanut butter, sweet and salty combinations, stress, impatience, double negatives, split ends, The Simpsons, inconsiderate people, crying, oatmeal raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies, Chipotle, nausea, lack of forgiveness, closed-mindedness, packaging you need scissors to open, airport security, ignorance, and long movies.

I’m really excited to be able to share the random things in my head with you.